Poems from a CRYJ All Star

by Payton Buffington

I’m the bad kid
That’s what they say
When I do something wrong
But I brush it off
And continue my day
And prove them wrong

When they realize
I’m the friendliest around
They will be let down
They won’t misportray me
They’ll see the real me
And smile

They’ll see how kind I am
And feel blue
I, too, am human just like you


The breeze of the wind can chill
And the scorch of the sun can burn
The bullet of the gun can kill
And the power of the court can adjourn
The thought of your future can scare
And before it all falls apart
And small holes start to tear
Do what you please and follow your heart


I try
Because I want to succeed
To get away from greed
Because times like these it’s hard to lead
I’m too caught on giving others what they need
Carrying on seems like the best
Even though I’m not like the rest
Sometimes you just got to get it off your chest
It just so happens they’re the ones that brings me down
Only the good friends will stick around
I try to make my family proud
Just got caught up, like half this town
No one stops by to ask why
Why I want so badly want to succeed
To say I tried
I try, and no one knows why


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