Dear Community…

One of the cornerstones of our program here at CRYJ is the “Dear Community” letter or Art Reflection Project. As part of their time with us, every youth will complete either a letter or other creative piece, such as a drawing, sculpture or poem, to reflect on their relationship to a community they are a part of, and where they are in life. Their insight is consistently awesome, but sometimes you get a piece so great you just need to share! The following poem was written by a talented dude and previous CRYJ Rockstar, Domonick B.


This is a reflection me
And what i want the world to see
18 years old with a future to unfold
I use music to expel knowledge
And continue to debate whether or not to goto college
Drugs and alcohol?
Nah i’d rather hang at the mall or play ball
My actions have taken their toll
Factions have separated sharp from dull
But somehow i still feel full
I get breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday
Roll a jay and smoke my life away
But today is a new day
A new start, it’s sad all the junkies i see at walmart
It breaks my heart
Press the push start just to walk in the dark
Broken ties were formed from stupid lies
Built trust just to let it combust
A getaway train to escape the rain is what drugs are to me
Just get high and say goodbye to the world
I want REAL friends
Not someone who calls me bro & the next day acts like they don’t know me
I miss the old days where i didn’t need drugs to have fun
But nowadays it seems like everyone’s on the run
Consequences for my actions is when reality began to unfold
My parents would scold but that did nothing, i was living in a mold
Sobriety brings clarity and a merit to live by
Chew on a carrot so i can open my eyes
I have a vision that hasn’t yet been seen with precision
A decision to better myself and gain commonwealth
I indulge off the wisdom of others
I want to lead a path for my brother and exceed expectations of my father and mother
I just want peace and love between one another
Never stutter just spread it like butter and pull my head out the gutter
A renegade hovering above satin and suede
I don’t wanna be an average black crow
I want to glow and share my passion just share a ration of compassion
And show the world fashion doesn’t matter

By Domonick B.


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