Sometimes we’ve got to share

A super-talented CRYJ kiddo recently drew this for her “art reflection” piece! Check out what she had to say about her art below.


“The overall concept of my drawing is to set a mood that summarizes some of my main interests, and me as a person. Each object works with the others to explain me overall. The globe represents my family and love to travel, plus recognition to my family that I don’t live with.  The flower has simple meaning to me, yet means a lot to me personally. Basically it symbolizes love for myself and the little things I appreciate in my life. The compass represents my constant plans to adventure and go new places in my life, traveling wise and as a person.  The seashell correlates with the compass because the ocean is something I obsess over and hope to live by someday.  The sun necklace is a necklace I designed when I was nine, and I wear every day. The stone in the middle is Opal, which carries meaning such as inspiration, life, and soul.”