Our Work in The World


CRYJ represents many things to many people in the Flathead Valley:

For YOUTH, CRYJ represents an opportunity for reflection and growth. A chance to make things right. A chance to learn and move forward in a positive way. More than 94% of youth report that being involved at CRYJ had a positive impact on them.

For PARENTS, CRYJ represents . Parents often report that they felt more connected to their teens and more optimistic after the first two Restorative Justice conferences. In reflecting on her daughter's participation in CRYJ’s Restorative Justice conferences and Youth Empowerment Workshops, one parent recently shared that;

“...CRYJ was a really good program for her. CRYJ definitely opened her eyes and gave her a different perspective on things, even kids she went to school with”. 

In a recent survey almost 90% of parents agreed that being involved at CRYJ had a positive impact on their child’s life!

For COMMUNITY MEMBERS, CRYJ represents a positive alternative to the traditional justice system and our best option for youth who would otherwise be labeled as ‘at-risk’ and entered. As a community, we know that when youth are encouraged to take accountability and to consider how their behavior impacts others, the entire Flathead Valley is safer and more connected.  


OUR WORK in the world is to create opportunities for reflection, connection, and empowerment for youth, victims, and families in the Flathead Valley.

OUR WORK in the world is to lean-in, to show up, to provide encouragement, and to advocate for improved outcomes for youth and community members facing challenging circumstances.

OUR WORK in the world is to lead with empathy and optimism.


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