RESPONSIBILITY is a formative word at CRYJ.


A Definition of RESPONSIBILITY (noun) :

The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

"the group has claimed responsibility for their actions"

SYNONYMS: blame, fault, guilt, culpability, liability

At CRYJ we hear the word 'RESPONSIBILITY' almost every day during workshops and restorative justice conferences.

Parents, teens, and community members often use the word RESPONSIBILITY to describe what may be done after harm is caused or a crime is committed in our community.

During Community Impact Circles and Restorative Conferences, parents often express their emotions and feelings regarding their teen's behavior. Many parents express a feeling of being RESPONSIBLE for their teen's behavior.  

When confronted with the unintended consequences of their own behavior during Restorative Justice Conferences, teens often state their intention to 'take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions'. Indeed, a teen's work at CRYJ is to do just that, and to find positive ways to move forward within our community. These teens embark on the journey supported by staff and community volunteers whose role it is to help them succeed.

Community Members often express their sense of RESPONSIBILITY to local youth and community safety. These same community members volunteer or provide financial support to CRYJ. 

At CRYJ, much of our work is rooted in the facilitation of processes that support teens, parents, and community members in taking RESPONSIBILITY for their own roles as citizens and active participants in our community.  

At CRYJ our working definition of RESPONSIBILITY is both a verb and a noun. To us RESPONSIBILITY describes how we choose to embody our role as engaged members of our community. 

CRYJ's definition of RESPONSIBILITY (verb & noun) :

  1. The ability to respond thoughtfully

  2. A sense of purpose and ownership in making a choice

SYNONYMS:  trustworthiness, common sense, maturity, integrity

-Team CRYJ

CRYJ team