Youth Empowerment Workshops

CRYJ's Youth Empowerment Workshops provide youth with the opportunity to develop social, emotional, self-regulation, ethical, and cognitive life skills. 

Workshop topics range from job skill development, yoga for teens, 'Real Talk' workshops, 

To see when these workshops are happening, check out our calendar!

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Supper Club Dinners

Supper Clubs are youth-run pop up restaurants. Based on a youth-led business model, youth participate in every aspect of the Supper Clubs, from planting and harvesting the food, to cooking, serving and hosting at the dinners. 


Community Market Stand

Youth-run Community Market Stands provide experiential job-skills training opportunities for youth participants. 


Food Prep & Cooking skills

 Food prep and cooking skills workshops provide youth with the opportunity to develop food and cooking related life-skills that may carry into personal life and the food services industry.

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Yoga for Teens 

CRYJ yoga workshops are hosted by volunteer yoga instructors and designed specifically for teenagers. Connect with with your mind and body and learn how to find physical and mental balance. No experience is necessary, come as you are.

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Garden Projects

The Trellis Project youth-run Garden provides opportunities for youth to develop tangible job skills, teamwork, leadership skills, and community connection. Youth plant, maintain and harvest fruit and vegetables.  

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Real Talk: Drug & Alcohol Workshops

Real Talk provides youth with an opportunity to explore their personal experiences with drugs and alcohol through structured group discussion, reflection, educational activities, and guest speakers.

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Mind-Body Skills 

Mind- Body Skills workshops allow youth to explore and experience various forms of Mind-Body skills including art, music, mindfullness, and martial arts, etc. 

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CRYJ, the Law, and You 

CRYJ, the Law & You provides youth participants with tools for success and specific conversations focusing on Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice system. Current Law Enforcement Officers often attend as guest speakers.