Many questions can be answered by referring to your Restorative Agreement and other information received during intake.

How often do I have to be present while my child is at CRYJ?  

Your presence is only required during intake and the Community Impact Circle. Trained CRYJ staff facilitate all workshops and there are typically 5-10 youth in attendance.

What will happen if my child does not complete the requirements of the Restorative Agreements?

Every effort will be make to support the success of your child completing the Restorative Agreement. However, attendance and engagement is ultimately their choice. If all aspects of the agreement are not completed by the completion date, the case will be referred back to Youth Court. At that point the charges may be formally filed.

How long does my child have to complete their service hours?

Refer to your Restorative Agreement for the completion date. Typically the agreement must be completed within 90 days from the date of referral from Youth Court.

When and where does my child complete their workshops?

CRYJ typically offers service on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Refer to the calendar provided during intake for exceptions and clarification. CRYJ's youth workshops calendar is also available here

What happens if my child gets sick or has other scheduling conflicts?

We understand that life happens and that unavoidable scheduling conflicts may arise. If your teen is unable to attend CRYJ sesrvice once every 10 days, please contact CRYJ staff to discuss options.



Additional questions may arise.  If you are having difficulty finding the answer in the Restorative Agreement or other available material, feel free to contact CRYJ staff at (406) 257-7400