Volunteer at CRYJ!

CRYJ works with more than 30 community volunteers – we provide training, mentoring, and empowering opportunities for youth and adults to become engaged in our restorative programming. Our volunteer needs and opportunities are often changing, so please contact us directly to learn about current volunteer positions.

Community Impact Circle Volunteer

Community Impact Circles involve a facilitated restorative process that each CRYJ youth and family are invited to participate in during their program involvement. Circles are held each Monday and include CRYJ youth participants, each with a parent or guardian, staff and community volunteers. Each session involves a facilitated format that is designed for meaningful dialogue and connection in a group format that emphasizes empathy, listening and respect for all voices and perspectives. Circle evenings are an important introduction to CRYJ programming and restorative philosophies for each youth and family, framing impacts, accountability and choice in ways that celebrate personal strengths and moving forward.

Community volunteers (both adult and youth) add immeasurable depth and authenticity to Circle by sharing stories, bringing insight to conversations and modeling healthy vulnerability and self-awareness.  

Key components of this role:

  • Availability on 1 to 3 Monday evenings per month from 5:00 to 7:30

  • Willingness to share personal stories, without agenda or attachment to outcome

  • Awareness of personal boundaries and emotional triggers and knowledge of self-care

  • Openness to different perspectives and vulnerabilities and willingness to navigate interactions without judgment or lecturing

  • Ability to grow and learn from the insights of others

  • Readiness to express challenges and ask for support when needed

Other ways to get involved

Host a Specialty Workshop

We are always looking for interesting workshops for our CRYJ kids – if you have something to share with CRYJ youth, let us know! In the past we’ve hosted workshops on sexual health, art projects, literature discussions, and more. These workshops would fall within our already-scheduled service time slots.