Step 1 - Family Conference

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The first meeting with CRYJ will be a family conference, or also called an "intake appointment." This is a chance for us to learn more about the youth and the circumstances that brought them here, and for the family to learn more about us and our programming. All youth under the age of 18 are required to attend the hour-long intake appointment with a parent or guardian. During this first meeting, a restorative agreement is created, in which the youth and family agree to attend Community Impact Circle, write any letters of accountability, and participate in a specified number of work shop hours. 

This is the first step in our programming, designed to guide the youth toward accepting accountability for the impact of their actions.

Step 2 - Community Impact Circle

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Following the family conference, each youth, accompanied by a parent or guardian, will participate in our Community Impact Circle (CIC). CIC is a structured conversation between youth, families, and community members where we discuss impact of harm and how it can be repaired. Each CIC is comprised of 2-5 families, at least one CRYJ staff member and at least one community volunteer. 

Each youth is required to participate in one Community Impact Circle. They are approximately 2 hours long and held Mondays from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Writing Reflections

We require each youth to write a Community Impact Letter or complete an Art Project, each are designed to encourage youth to reflect on actions, take responsibility, and consider the impact of their actions on the community. These are completed independently by the youth at any point in their time with CRYJ. 

Step 3 - Youth Empowerment Workshops

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During the intake appointment, each youth will be assigned a certain amount of workshops hours to complete. By participating in skill-based workshops, youth learn tools that help them to move forward in a positive way. CRYJ Workshops focus on skills such as yoga, art, and community education. During the school year, our workshops are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm - 6pm. In the summer, our workshop offerings change, please refer to the youth calendar for up-to-date information.Youth are required to arrive on time, and stay for the full length of the workshop.

Youth WOrkshops

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of workshops aimed at empowering youth, teaching new skills and connecting them in to our community. CRYJ workshops can include

  • Planting, maintaining, and harvesting in our community garden

  • Learning cooking skills, followed by sharing a meal with each other and often other members of the community.

  • Mind-Body Skills such as yoga, art projects

  • Drug & Alcohol education and discussion

  • Job-Skills such as resume-writing, food safety, etc.